The bedroom is your most comfort zone in the house. It is the place where you rest, sleep and does things that you love. If your bedroom is not clean or lacks that spark, then you won’t feel like going to the room. It might also affect your sleep and well-being. Here are some bedroom makeover ideas that will make you feel better.

1. If your room has ineffectual lighting and no storage, then things like unread books, worn clothes, etc. end up lying on the floor or a basket. You can include wall-mounted lamps to improve the lighting of your room. Have slim night tables with built-in shelves to hold your books. You can paint the wall at the back of your bad yellow and have a black-and-white color scheme for the bedding. You can add graphic or artwork to the wall. If you have a hardwood floor, cover it with a rug.

2. If your room looks cluttered with mismatched furnishings, beds of different sizes and styles, a wall full of artwork and color, then you need to give some decent shape to the room. You can paint the walls in shades of white and have two same side beds some time to establish Five. Have shelves with wicker baskets for storage. You can have magazine racks to keep paper, books, etc. in order. You can have one large rug to cover the floor.

3. If your bedroom lacks direct sunlight, it will look dull and gloomy all the time. Worst case will be if you have dark furniture. Painting the walls with silvery gray paint will light up the room. You can have crisp white linens for your bedding. Add a mirror to brighten up the room.

Try these makeovers at home and you will be surprised by the result. With some knowledge about interior decoration and creativity, you will be able to transform your room into some place where you would love to spend your time.


3 bedroom transformation ideas for this season