Whether you are buying or renting a home, you need to take good care of it. Often, you need to do various home repair works. Many of us rely on the professionals to do the job even if it’s a minor repair. Here are four common home repairs that you can do on your own.

Fix or replace a broken toilet lever


It is very easy to fix a broken toilet lever. If pressing the lever doesn’t plush the toilet, then in many cases, you can jus pop the tank open and re-attach the chain. In some cases, the handle may become corroded. A piece that connects the handle to the flapper may also break. All these can easily be replaced easily.

Unclog a toilet drain


If there is much water in the bowl, pour enough water in to submerge the head of the plunger. Give a downward push for 8 to 10 times. If the clog is minor, it will be fixed this way. Else, run the end of the auger into the toilet until the end reaches the clog and start to turn the crank. Now you should pull the clog out.

Fix a leaky kitchen or bathroom pipe


Pipe leaks in kitchen or bathroom occur due to worn out where or loose compression nut. To fix these, first turn off the water to the sink. There are sinks that have a shut-off valve near the sink itself. But others are far away, may be in the basement. You need to follow the pipes. When the water is off, you need to place a bucket underneath the pipe. Then twist off the compression nuts. After replacing the washer, you need to screw it back and turn the water back on.

Replace a light switch


If you have a switch in your home that is not working properly, you first need to turn off the circuit breaker. Then use a flathead screwdriver to take out the faceplate covering the switch. Then by using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the switch from the wall. There are two wires connected to screws on the switch. You should test that there is no electricity passing through those wires. Now disconnect the wires and attach them to the new switch. Put everything back together now.

Patch a hole in drywall


You may find holes on the wall of your houses that you may fix easily. Screw or nail holes are simple to fix. First, you need to clean the area of any debris and wipe down the wall. Then use a putty knife to press some spackle into the wall. Let it dry for some time. After it’s done, use some fine grain sandpaper to sand it down till it’s flat and nice. You might have to apply some paint for blending the hole with the walls. If the hole is big, then you first need to cut a piece of drywall. You then use a small piece of wood to brace the scrap drywall in the hole by placing it on the wall. Then you need to drill screws into it above and below the hole. Add a third screw into the drywall patch and add some drywall tape around the seams.

You can do these repairs without any experience. But it is a good idea to research before trying out anything new. As you will be dealing with electricity and other hazardous items, it’s better to take precautions.

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5 common home repair works that you can do on your own