Do you have some concrete that you want to customize with some awesome colors? So if you are interested in staining your concrete a cool color, you will want to read this article because it will go into depth on what you should know when shopping around for the best stains out there. One important factor, you should not forget is that once you put on the stain, it is there forever, so make sure that is what you want before applying. It is also a good idea to test the products in an area that cannot be seen before applying it to the entire area.

So what should you know when purchasing some excellent color stains for your concrete? Here is some interesting and useful information that you can use when shopping around for some nice concrete stains and also dyes, as well as some questions you will have to think about before you start spending on stains and applying them to surfaces.

Are Their Safety Issues to Consider when Applying the Stain?

So before you begin applying or spending money on stains, you will want to consider the safety protocols, as these are very important. If the stains you are using are solvent based or chemical based, then you really need to be careful, even if it is water based you will still need to practice caution as well. The reason for this is because chemical stains have components that are corrosive such as chlorides and hydrochloric acid and this can cause serious lung, skin, and eye irritation.

If the project is in an enclosed area or the ventilation is not that good, then avoid chemical stains and use water based stains instead. These products are safe to use inside because they do not have toxic fumes or odors due to the low VOC content.

The Drying Time

It is important to think about the drying time, especially when you need to use the surface as soon as you can.

The longest drying stain will be the chemical stain, and this will usually be around five or so hours. And not only that but once the stain has been dried, you will need to rinse it off and then apply a sealer once it has dried off. The fastest drying stain will be the water based stain and it will usually take around two hours and you will not have to rinse it either.

Considering the Clean Up

The biggest problem of using a chemical stain is the cleanup work, which can be a huge hassle depending on the surface you are staining. Once you have applied the stain, it is important to scrub it thoroughly to make sure the residue is cleaned off and the surface has been neutralized. When cleaning up the chemical stain, you will need to use baking soda combined with ammonia and then rinse everything off with fresh and clean water. If you need further help with coloring your concrete, contact AAA Concreting on (213) 267-3107.

Advice for Purchasing Concrete Stains